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Trouble in the bedroom? 5 most common sexual challenges couples face

Sure, sex is amazing, but it also comes with a lot of problems. Every time you have sex it won’t be so amazing, many things can go wrong.

If you think you are the only one having problems sexually, then you are wrong, there are many common problems people face sexually.

Anorgasmia is the inability to have an orgasm, it affects both men and women. Although women are the ones most affected.

One of the reasons this happens is trauma, lack of foreplay, stimulation and a mental block stopping them from orgasming. Women should explore themselves sexually and try different things, they should also try not to be distracted during sexual activities. If it persists, some drugs from a medical professional might help.

Dyspareunia is vulva and/or vaginal pain that can also affect a woman’s ability to experience penetration.

When a woman finds penetration difficult, sex can be incredibly hard for the couple who might feel they are not having sex without vaginal penile penetration. Dyspareunia can result from trauma or some drugs. If it persists, seek medical help or therapy.

Seeking perfectionism during sex can cause more trouble than it’s worth.

When you are in your head too much, you can’t enjoy sex. Aiming to please your partner with your insane sex skills, dreaming of perfect sex and expecting your partner to be satisfied totally can leave you dissatisfied.

One of the most frequent problems between couples having different libidos or sex drives, while one person wants to have sex all the time, the other person is not always in the mood.

In reality, everyone’s libido can changes at different stages of their life due to stress, circumstance, a change in what turns them on, hormonal changes, illness, changes in schedules, and more.

The solution is in communication, by building intimacy with where you are at sexually you can get over whatever sexual rut and probably match your partner’s energy.

The majority of men have experienced erectile dysfunction. Some people cannot get an erection at all while others have no problems getting erections or masturbating, but problems might develop when it comes to sex with their partners.

Not being able to get an erection may make men fall into a loop of failed erections because of feelings of fear and humiliation. Talk to a doctor for medical assistance if it persists.

It’s interesting that men who do not have an erection still experience sexual pleasure, so take some pressure off yourself if you can’t experience an erection.



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