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The best and worst alternatives when you are out of lube

Lubrication is important during intercourse – you need it.

Lubrication or lube makes friction during sex easy.

What do you do in the heat of the moment when you need extra lubrication? Here are some alternatives to try and others to stay clear off;

The best alternative to lube;

Coconut oil

This is a great alternative to over-the-counter lube. It smells great, works well when it comes in contact with skin and does not cause infection except your vagina is extra sensitive.

Olive oil though similar to coconut oil is not a good alternative because it leads to vaginal infections more often than not.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a miracle plant. It works wonders for the skin and hair. It also moisturizes the vulva. It has a gel-like consistency that soothes the vagina. It is an all-time great lube.

Yoghurt is a cheap and watery equivalent lube. It doesn’t dry out easily and helps to maintain a slimy consistency that makes penetration easy.

Worst alternative

Petroleum products are a no no. Either of these is a bad alternative. The chances of getting bacteria vaginosis are way up there.

It is also hard to wash out, this makes it an excellent breeding site for bacteria.

When you are desperate for lubrication spit might seem like the most likely option but the mouth contains more bacteria than the vagina, the chance of infecting the vagina are more, and it does not even provide lubrication because it dries quickly.

Honey might seem sticky and ideal, but it isn’t. Do not use it on your vagina. It causes a change in the PH level of the vagina and can cause infections.



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