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The 7 different types of vaginas

No two vaginas are the same.

The difference in women’s vaginas is because of the size of the labia. Even as we attempt to categorise vagina types, the truth is no vagina is truly the same, these are broad generalizations.

For this conversation, you should be able to know the parts of a vagina. The vulva is the outer part of your vagina. The labia majora are the two bracket-like folds around the vagina.

The labia minora is the fold that surrounds the inner part of the vagina and the clitoris is a bundle of nerves above the vagina.

There are different types of vagina [Freepik]

A vagina doesn’t have one colour, it’s weird how people expect a vagina to be pink.

If your outer vaginal lips are larger and cover your labia minora, you may notice that your labia are tucked into your vulva.

Your labia minora and Majora may be more noticeable because of your smaller outer labia.

You might have very large labia. Your labia could extend past your vulva and poke out naturally.

The labia or vagina lips as many people call them could be asymmetrical (meaning one of your labia is larger or smaller than the other).

Your inner labia may protrude further or be longer from your vagina.

The clitoris on your body might be big or small. Clitorises can be the size of a little peanut or the size of a thumb.



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