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Skin care: Why Korean glass skin is so popular, how to achieve it

Korean skin care has cut out a niche for itself in the global field of beauty and wellness based on its futuristic nature and innovative ingredients.

Many that have mastered the art of this skin care routine have been the envy of thousands as they flaunt their excellently pebble smooth skin, thus the invention of the term, glass skin.

According to Korean skin care blogger Jude Chao, glass skin is a term for exceptionally smooth, even-toned and glowing skin that is so flawless that it has the appearance of glass. She further adds that it is simply a clear way of describing a certain type of enviable complexion.

“The surface of the skin must be extremely smooth, without bumps or rough texture. Directly beneath the surface there should be a large amount of water in order to create the moist and lustrous appearance that catches and reflects light. Finally, the skin should look plump and firm,” she emphasizes.

Sheryll Donerson, a skin care blogger sums it up an intensely moisturized skin that gives off an almost transparent complexion and a very youthful, lit from within glow.

Achieving the look;

Unlike other skin care routines that promise instant results, this skin routine requires consistency and rigor.

-Double cleanse

According to beauty website, dermstore, a clean canvas is a must when it comes to Asian skin care. Start with a cleansing oil for the first cleanse, then follow it up with a foam wash for the second.


The removal of dead skin is the basis of good skin care practice. According to beauty chemist David Pollock, this step will slough away dead skin cells that dull skin and clog pores. He further advises that it should not be over done as two or three times a week is ideal.


Korean beauty toners such as green tea and floral water are applied not only to restore the skin’s pH levels but also provide base hydration and allow better absorption of coming products.

-Add an essence

These deliver additional moisture and hydration.


Moisturizer is akin to common sense in any skin care routine.

-Apply eye cream

Korean glass skin aims towards flawlessness and this cannot be achieved with sore eye bags that might kill the aesthetic.

-Seal with a face oil

This is described as the ultimate finisher to your glass skin routine as it seals in all the moisture.

However, people that aim to achieve this look should note that the task goes beyond the skin care regimen. A healthy and balanced lifestyle is integral to achieving this look. Skin care experts advise sufficient sleep, exercise, healthy fat as well as fruit, nuts and vegetables.

So now go forth and be the envy of your Instagram timeline.



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