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#Japa: Stop migrating abroad without job offers, NiDCOM boss, Dabiri-Erewa warns Nigerians

The Chief Executive Officer, CEO of the Nigerians in Diaspora Commission (NIDCOM) Hon. Abike Dabiri-Erewa has warned Nigerians against migrating abroad without job offers.

Dabiri-Erewa spoke when she appeared before the House of Representatives Committee on Diaspora to defend the commission’s 2023 budget on Thursday.

She said that such journeys put many Nigerians at risk as they end up in prisons. She however advocated a stronger multi-sector collaboration to stop the trend.

She said: “”It is very exciting news coming from Nigerians in the Diaspora. That is what we keep encouraging. In fact, those eight Nigerians, you know that they actually put themselves in a video and said ‘we are Nigerian-Americans and we wish ourselves success,’ and they won. That is very exciting. Nigerians are great all over the world. While we have a few not doing so great, we are the best in the world. But what I keep saying, and as Mr President says, is be good ambassadors wherever you find yourselves and just put in the best because as we are celebrating them, we are celebrating ourselves.

“So, when you do badly too, we have to let you know what you are doing is not right and does not represent all of us. And as Madam Chairman said, the issue of diaspora voting is not something we can run away from. It is going to happen and it will happen. It has to happen. You cannot run away from it.

“On the issue of irregular migration, again, I think it will be easier if it stops from here. How do you stop people from going and get into trouble? You are leaving here to look for a job and you get there but you don’t get the job anyway, and then you come back worse than you left. I think that involved stronger multi-sector collaboration, which I am sure the parliament can actually drive and we can all look into this issue.

“On the issue of citizenship, it is something that the Ministry of Interior is also looking into. How do you do it? What are the modalities? And then, how do you ensure it is not abused? I think the largest number of foreigners was given citizenship not-too-long ago by Mr President. And then, we have visa-on-arrival; come into the country without any hindrances, see what you can do, invest in the country. I am sure it is something that the Ministry of Interior is looking at.”



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