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How couples can use sex toys to spice their sex life

Sex toys are not only for solo enjoyment. In fact, the best use of a sex toy is with a partner.

Many people have the erroneous idea that sex toys are primarily used by persons who are dissatisfied or unhappy in their relationships, and while it may be true that you might experiencing difficulty in your sex life, using sex toys with a partner is intended to increase pleasure and not to substitute or compete with your partner. You should be happy to get all the help you can.

According to research, relationships between couples are significantly happier when they actively discuss sex outside the bedroom. It’s always extremely useful to start that dialogue before sex happens.

If you want to start using sex toys during partnered sex, you should talk about it. The excitement alone is enough to spice your sex life.

The more information you can give them to feel comfortable about introducing a sex toy, the more likely it is that they will be open to exploring it.

To gradually introduce your lover to the notion of you using sex toys together, you should try out mutual masturbation.

Once you are comfortable using sex toys around each other, then go into detail about the specifics, such as how, where, or why you wish to use the sex toy. Who is going to hold it? Is foreplay the only purpose? Will it be for one person or maybe for the two of you? Will it just enter at the last end so you both would orgasm?

The Frenchie the double entendre vibrator can be used by both men and women {Frenchie}

While some people just enjoy using a sex toy on a partner with nothing done to them, you can use a sex toy on yourself while giving your partner oral sex. You can even use a sex toy during intercourse – especially a double entendre (a type of sex toy) which can be on a woman’s clitoris. Men can also use vibrators for sexual massages.

The conclusion is a sex toy is an excellent way to spice your sex life and make sure you both experience an orgasm.



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