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Generate income through water production

All newspapers and magazines distribute my subscriptions among readers. It uses social media to increase the advertiser’s interest and increase the ad value. Sometimes they even replace the customer “stop” with free ads to download numbers and credit cards. You can reach this position. Here’s one: Visit your local publisher / editor / editor (first call and ask the secretary when is the best time to speak and avoid deadlines) and offer a special gift. if he cannot refuse. . Tell them that you cannot sell your subscription to neighbors and other areas of your choice for free. Let them give you a letter with your picture, they allow you to sign up and subscribe (the book is for publication, not yours!). Perhaps the book will use stories of your efforts and pictures. If not (publish the article / photo and show it to your trusted customers.) This book is available for this upgrade. Explain the commission you received on each sale. You should earn at least $ 10 per subscription on average – which is what is called affiliate marketing.

If you have an average of 8 or 9 to see something interesting in the area where you live, you can earn a little money by offering to work as a tour guide. There may be a travel company near you. If so, it means there is a market for such a service. All you need is a good car or SUV. You will also want to explore the space that visitors have shown you to understand the truth. By accepting business calls, you can access free listings on the yellow page, which can also be found in the community. But make sure the hotels in the area are aware of your service and provide you with services to send customers as they wish.

The reason Pizza is so popular in the US is to deliver home. I know people who don’t like Pizza, but also because the message has no food in the house, and they don’t want to leave. Providing services that run all the restaurants in your area, the restaurant and the restaurant are called “home delivery”. By offering a cheaper price, $ 5 or $ 10, to deliver items to the restaurant, you are wasting the weekend. I know those who do this for the local Lul LIVE “Outback” restaurant and can shop on Fridays and Saturdays at 3-20 p.m. And because there is only a house within a radius of 8 km, it does not take much time. This would also be a business venture that could take some drivers at a lower cost and greatly boost the business.

This is another way to get cash and base funds for free. All you need is a pump ($ 5), some window cleaners ($ 20), a ladder ($ 20), and a bucket ($ 2). No one wants to wash windows. Even homes and families do not always have clean windows. You can take advantage of this and earn a lot of money by opening the door anytime and allowing you to clean the windows. With a minimum price of $ 2 per window, almost every homeowner in the country will not give you a free pass. However, if you upgrade the technology, windows every 3-5 minutes can be better. You should have more time for the second home window, because you have to reprint it regularly. With almost ten windows in one building, you can save up to $ 200 a day!

During the drought, many communities banned irrigation. But there is usually something different: if you pay to get water from other areas, you can. As such, many homeowners do not have enough energy to call a water company to provide water for their waste. You let the grass die. But with hard work you can make a lot of money during the rainy season. You can buy or rent a cheap boat and buy your water right away from the water company which is not a local water shortage law. In my area, it costs 25 cents per 100 gallons. After that, from going from door to door in the rainy season zone, you can quickly organize your soap application. , which carries 10-20 gallons of water and straw for $ 5-10. For the most part, they will ask you to come back anytime. Day until you have to brush the grass yourself. You will receive $ 1,000 for each $ 5 water!
Your parents should not be surprised that parents want to sleep – sometimes with their children away! However, babysitters are often expensive, and babysitters can be difficult to trust.

A good way to make money is to organize a parent night. For example, our gym provides parent evenings once a month. Kids can come and play games, play a variety of explored games and eat pizza between 5:30 p.m. at 11 p.m. when their parents are outside. Through this program, parents say that getting to know their children is not a problem and that having fun with people they know will be the best time for them. It may help. On Friday or Saturday nights, it is not uncommon for 75 to 100 children to earn $ 25 a night!
When a popular movie appeared, it was almost impossible to get tickets for the opening night. Two men from the area pondered the reality of this business. After movies like Independence Day, Star Wars Episode I & II, Men in Black 2, Matrix 2, etc. came out, bought tickets early and hit the movie for $ 20 each. . When good moviegoers show up at a movie and find that all the theaters are full, most of them will decide to spend more money to watch the movie they are waiting for… instead of going home without anything. to go back. It’s expensive, but these guys make almost $ 400 a night when the perfect movie comes out.



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