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#BBTitans: Eight housemates up for eviction

BBTitans have flagged eight housemates up for eviction from the 24 housemates in the Biggie house.

The group consists of Juicy Jay, Yemi Cregx, Nelisa, Justin, Yvonne (Juvone), Sandra, Theo Traw (Santheo), and Olivia (Juiovla) (Yelisa).

The housemates to be evicted are three male South Africans, one male Nigerian, three female Nigerians and one female South African.

The eight housemates, four pairs were nominated for possible eviction after the second Monday night in the house.

The BBTitans housemates have become conscious of the fact that the game was switched up exactly after one week when Biggie paired the housemates and noted that whatever half of the pair does, affects the pair as a whole.

Voting platforms have since been opened for fans and viewers to save their favourite housemates ahead of the second Sunday Live and eviction show.



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