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Are you experiencing dark circles underneath your eyes?

Let’s be honest, you don’t look too good when there are dark circles under your eyes. But don’t worry you don’t have to think of some complex skin care remedies, common things around your kitchen can help.

Lady using cucumber

Cucumbers relieve swelling and skin irritation which causes dark circles around your eyes. Additionally, cucumbers are a wonderful moisturizer for your eyes because of their high water content.

There isn’t much research on how tea bags reduce under-eye circles. Generally speaking, it appears that using tea bags as cold or warm compresses around the eyes does work.

Green and black tea bags might be your best bet for treating dark circles since both are high in antioxidants.

Lycopene, an antioxidant in tomatoes that reduces inflammation, many people believe placing tomatoes on your eyes reduces swelling.

There is no evidence that tomatoes reduce dark circles. Also, take care to avoid getting tomato juice in your eyes.

Potato peels improves your eyes

A few slices of raw potato, which are rich in vitamin C, may help to brighten the area around the eyes and lessen the visibility of the dark circles.

Research demonstrates that by increasing cell turnover, plant oils like coconut oil help thicken the skin barrier. It also has antioxidants that help to decrease inflammation



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