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According to science, how long is too long and how short is too short during s*x?

Once a person becomes sexually active, the race for good sex begins because it’s not just about having sex but how good it is.

With monikers like weak strokes, weak erections and one-minute men being so popular, the pressure is on men to perform. Not to mention the music, movies and books that speak about people spending all night having sex and going on countless rounds. The common question is how long should sex last?

In 2005, one of the most well-known and comprehensive research was carried out across several countries. The result is that a typical sexual encounter lasted just under five and a half minutes.

In 2008, a study that consulted therapists who identify sexual disorders divided the findings into various categories based on the reported length of intercourse by their patients. The information further supported the notion that three to seven minutes were sufficient, while seven to thirteen minutes were regarded as exceptional.

Unhappy couple who have not been having enough sex [Credit: Ebony]

According to the same study, durations of less than three minutes may cause clinical concern, while durations of more than 10 minutes were typically considered to be “too long.”

There are some problems with this study.

Firstly, sex shouldn’t be about racing against a clock but pleasuring each other.

Secondly, they did not consider foreplay or other forms of sexual interaction outside the penile and vaginal.

Also, a 2020 study that concentrated on heterosexual women discovered that it typically took about thirteen and a half minutes to achieve orgasm—a duration that could have been considered “too lengthy” under the 2008 study’s standards.

  1. Try different positions to intensify orgasms.
  2. Mutual and individual masturbation can stimulate both of you faster.
  3. Having a clear conversation with your spouse about what you need to experience orgasm.
  1. Grab the penis’ tip tightly and squeeze for a brief period of time till the orgasmic sensation passes.
  2. Men can also do kegel exercises to tighten the pelvic floor.
  3. Stopping for a bit and then continuing will delay ejaculation.


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