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5 important things you need to know before undergoing plastic surgery

With plastic surgery becoming increasingly popular, here are some things to keep you safe.

Popular procedures include breast augmentation, liposuction, rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery and facelifts. Less invasive procedures like Botox injections are skyrocketing but they are not without risk.

“Whatever procedure a person is considering, due diligence is the best defence against potential post-op problems,” Plastic surgeon Richard Westreich cautioned. “Don’t rush into something just because it’s easy or convenient.”

If you’re considering any cosmetic procedure, these safety tips from Dr Westreich can improve your chances of a better outcome:

1. Medical tourism can be dangerous. Laws may differ; regulations may differ; problems with aftercare may arise.

2. Understand informed consent. Ask for examples of not only the good outcomes but also the potentially bad ones. Ask for data specific to the procedure and the doctor performing it (complication rates, death rates).

3. Surgery belongs in accredited operating rooms. Ask to see accreditation certificates (AAA, AAAA, JCAHO).

4. Make sure the board certification of a doctor makes sense for the procedure they are performing.

5. If significant issues arise after a procedure (surgery or office injection), seek a second opinion on management.



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