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2023: Accord to launch 600-man campaign council

ABUJA – THE National Chairman of Accord Party, Lawal Nalado, Friday, disclosed of the party’s readiness to soon launch a 600-man presidential campaign council.

Nalado made the disclosure to Vanguard while speaking on the heels of Thursday’s unveiling of the presidential campaign office in Abuja, by the presidential candidate, Prof Christopher Imumolen along with chieftains of the party.

He said: “We have constituted our presidential campaign council which we are going to make known to the public very soon.

“No party can do without a campaign council and if you want to be accountable definitely you have to have a carefully planned activities otherwise you will be doing things without plan. Now we have plan is to start execution.

“We are looking at about 600 members including youths, women, elderly, and others.”

Meanwhile, he said the issue of funding the activities of the campaign council will be continuous as people will make pledges and donations, and momeies meant for the campaign will be spent judiciously.

Speaking on the expected manifesto of the party’s presidential candidate, he said: “The manifesto is out and our presidential candidate has brought the manifesto to the National Working Committee, NEC, and it has been approved, and very soon everything will be unveiled as we have launched the office.”

He also assured Nigerians that violence would not stop campaigns of his presidential candidate and party, as he called on counseled other political partiesto avoid unguarded and provocative utterances while on campaign, rather their campaigns should be issue-based to woo voters and not attacking people’s personality.

“Violence will not stop us from doing the necessary things. First of all you look at what caused the violence or avoid things that would cause violence.

“As a political party and your supporters know how you talk namd if you want to address them address them with dignity I don’t think they will attack you but of you are using abusive language whenever you come out they will challenge you and you are inviting a chaos. When you are campaigning on issues nobody will come and challenge you”, he said.

On attacks of facilities belonging to the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, which was one of its offices was recently burnt down by some yet to be identified persons in Ogun State, he (Nalado) commended INEC over the emergency meeting it had on Friday with some security chiefs to stem future attacks.

“I believe the meeting by the Chairman of INEC with the security chiefs over protection of its offices I believe they will proffer solutions to forestall future occurrence so tuatnit would not affect the 2023 general elections.

“We commend INEC for taking the right step in the right direction and if not addressed immediately these attacks would become difficult to deal with. So we say ONEC did well to have this meeting”, he said.

However, he commiserated with victims of the devastating flood and encouraged them to be strong in spite of their present predicament and also to vote the right candidates of their choice come 2023.



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