Efia Odo Embarrassed Seeing The President Sleep On His Job


Socialite Efia Odo has expressed her disappointment in the president of Ghana for sleeping on his job in France saying she embarrassed with that.

Efia Odo reacting to the viral video of the president sleeping in France while at the African summit said it’s embarrassing for someone to sleep on his/her job and that is exactly what the president did back in France.

According to Efia Odo, it’s one thing to fall asleep in class but then falling asleep on the job is embarrassing and that is what we see our president do almost every time he travels outside the country for any gathering.

The isn’t the first time the president is sleeping in a gathering but this time around Efia Odo thinks it’s embarrassing to see a whole president sleep on his job while in a summit to learn new ways to help improve the financial living of his people.

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A lot of people have criticized and mock the president after the video went viral and Efia Odo is so embarrassed with all that is going on as she thinks it’s an embarrassment for a full-grown man to be sleeping on his job in another country.

Some people try to make excuse for the president saying he might be tired because of the flight he took but others also think since it’s not his first time sleeping at such gathering it has nothing to do with he taking a long flight to France.

screenshot below;

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