I’m Not A Celebrity Nor A Role Model – Rudeboy To Those Looking Up To Him


Singer Rudeboy has disappointed all those who look up to him as their role model or classifies him as a celebrity saying he’s neither a role model nor a celebrity.

Rudeboy reacting to a video of Blessing Okoro explaining the kind of mistakes some people make by expecting more from their so-called role models and celebrities said he is not a celebrity neither is he a role model to anyone.

All those looking up to Rudeboy as their role model or celebrity whom they want to learn something from would be disappointed with what he said as it appears he’s not ready to mentor or groom anyone even from afar.

It’s true some fans who look up to celebrities and public figures as role models expect more from them forgetting that they are also humans and can make mistakes, but then saying publicly that he can’t be a role model might hurt someone.

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Even if no one tells Rudeboy that he’s their role model, there’s someone out there who has taken him as a role model looking up to him but then this comment of his might shutter that person to know that Rudeboy isn’t ready to be a role model.

Being a role model or celebrity who a lot of people look up to requires a lot of work and sacrifices and it appears Rudeboy isn’t ready to do any of that to mentor any young person looking up to him from afar.

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