Tito Idakula: “I sacked a worker over fear of spiritual attack”


Tito Idakula, the wife of singer Bez Idakula, has narrated how she had sack a worker over fear of spiritual attack, after her husband had a scary dream.

She stated this during a question and answer session with her followers on Instagram, said her husband had a ‘mad’ dream after the chick came to work for them.

According to the mother of three, she refused to let the worker go but changed her mind after she had a dream similar to her husband’s.

Responding to a follower who claimed that her nanny was attacking her family spiritually, Tito said;

“One chick came to work with us. My husband had one mad dream and told me to let her go. I said no now, seems okay. The next day, my dream was just like his. I paid her and said “bye” And these are the things agencies cant help with. It’s prayer that is the best.”


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