Lady narrates how a man playfully touched her little daughter inside a tricycle


A lady identified as Dazzling Ivory has narrated how a tricycle passenger playfully touched her little daughter.

She wrote;

“The world has really spoilt so much… I just got home few hours ago and all that has been on my mind is the comment from a guy I shared the tricycle with today.

I was already seated when he joined us, we haven’t moved for 2mins when he playfully touched my daughter and asked me ” madam why are you dark and you have a fair baby?” . I replied she’s a replica of her dad and kept quiet.

After sometime, he told me “this your daughter is very beautiful,see the kind of thick laps she has……infact you may not see it now just wait till when she grows up more let’s say from 10 years plus that’s when you will see the beauty”.

To say I was uncomfortable is an understatement.
All I thought of through out the journey till I got home is just ways to protect my daughter from perverts!!

I mean how do you see a child who is not up to a year and you’re already imagining her future endowments Biko nu??? How?? Abi I dey over think am??”


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